Training of trainers and LLL courses have been conducted with success at the TEAVET LLL centres in Albania


The European partners through various workshops in Durres, Albania, guided a group of Albanian partners in September 2019, to become the next trainers of the designed and developed LLL courses. They later on organized trainers training to be able to run the courses by themselves

Since the beginning of this year, all Albanian partners have been implementing and running the LLL courses at their university under the TEAVET LLL centres, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

On June 3rd and 4th, the consortium gathered online to analyse and reflect on the progress of the courses. It appeared that all Albanian partner universities have established TEAVET LLL centres and that the Ministry accredits all the modules. The courses have raised interest among the schoolteachers and their feedback were encouraging.

Despite some challenges encountered during the COVID19, the Albanian partners have reacted quickly and taught part of the remaining courses online. This offers new possibilities for the future, as part of the courses could remain available online. To sum up the project has achieved good results already that seem promising to ensure sustainable outcomes.

Teachers  Teachers
The TEAVET project aims at developing academic expertise through the establishment of specialized lifelong learning centres at Albanian universities to design and implement a LLL Teacher Training System to improve teaching and learning competencies for in-service teachers aligned with the European Union and the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.

Further discussion on the implementation of LLL trainings will take place during the International Conference in the autumn in Vlorë, Albania. More information on the exact dates are to come.

In the meanwhile, you can follow the project updates on the project website and social media.

Created 23.06.2020 | Updated 24.06.2020