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Docent, Faculty of Medicine
InFLAMES Flagship
Clinical Lecturer, Institute of Biomedicine
MD, PhD, Adj. prof.
Novel aspects of individually imprinted immune reactivity in SLE and its relevance to clinical prognosis. (InFLAMES Flagship)


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Areas of expertise

clinical immunology
autoimmune diseases (SLE and other SARD) and their diagnostics, immune deficiencies and their diagnostics


Present affiliation: Principal investigator (InFLAMES consortium and Institute of Biomedicine,University of Turku), Clinical teacher (Institute of Biomedicine) . Cheaf physician, Turku University Hospital Laboratory Division.

Past affiliations: Academy of Finland Research Fellow; Prinicpal investigator in Center of Excellence in Cell Traffic (Academy of Finland affiliated), Postdoctoral researcher, WEHI (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute); Melbourne, Australia, PhD student and postdoc in Medical microbiology and Immunology (MediCity).


Clinical and basic immunology, clinical microbiology.
As a clinical teacher, I have responsibilities in organizing, implementing and developing the education of medical doctors, dentists and master students in biomedicine in the fields of microbiology and immunology.

Board member in Medial Faculty's education committee


My current research focus is on rheumatic diseases, in particular SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) and its immune pathogenesis. In a prospective follow-up study together with a group of rheumatologists and as part of the InFLAMES reseach consortium, we aim to identify individual variation in circulating leukocyte populations using approaches, which imitate the pressure exerted to our immun system by micobes. When combined to clinical follow-up data and extended laboratory parameters this allows us to seek for novel aspects on the potential role of different classes of microbes and microbiome in the pathogenesis of SLE, and for novel biomarkers of prognostic value in evaluation of disease course and disease activity (flares). 

I have a long track record also in studying the immunological disease mechanims in autoimmune type 1 diabetes, especally from the point of view of how gut immune system and gut microbiome (dys)balance link to initiation of the autoimmune process. Related to this, my interest in  functional profiling of gut microbiota has spurred our bioinformatics and proteomics experts to develop proteome-analytics towards this. As the final project in gut microbiota studies, our present goal is to find out to which extent the microbial strains in infants differ from individual to individual in their capability to utilize human milk oligosaccharides and complex carbohydrates present in baby foods, and to which extent this determines the development of a diverse and resilient microbial communiities.  

In my occupation as a chief doctor in immunological diagnostics in the university hospital laboratry, I am involved in clinical resesarch in rare immune deficiencies. Together with clinical researchers of other wellbeing services counties I also direct egistry-based investigation of serological markers in autoimmune myopathies and their effectiveness in disease prediction.


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