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Doctoral Researcher, Degree Programme in Digital Culture, Landscape and Cultural Heritage


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Areas of expertise

Cultural heritage studies
plastic heritage
posthuman heritage studies
posthuman ethnography.


I have graduated as Master of Arts in 2020 in the Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies. My major was Cultural Heritage Studies. 
In 2016 I graduated as a conservator specializing in the conservation of plastics. I have previously worked as a conservator in museums in Finland and abroad. 
I was awarded for the best master's thesis 2020 at the University Consortium of Pori.
I am currently a board member of Satakunnan Historiallinen Seura (Satakunta Historical Society)


2022 Museum studies, lecture about plastics in museums

2021, 2022, 2023 Presence of cultural heritage: Discussions and practices (heritage studies, Finnish culture studies), level: advanced studies 
In charge of planning the course and 1/3 of teaching.
Pre-recorded lecture video Looking at and with plastics

2021 & 2022 Cultural heritage (heritage studies), level: basic studies course
Lecture on plastic as a material, in material culture and as cultural heritage

2021 Material culture (ethnology and museology), level: intermediate studies
Pre-recorded lecture video on the relationship of human and plastics in the museum context

2021 Supervision and evaluation of master's thesis


I am preparing my dissertation about plastic heritage. My research combines the historical and material aspects of plastics and other materials with posthuman approaches, and I study plastics in the museum context. 

My research is informed by posthuman ethnography and the concept of heritage assemblage. I consider the connections between places, materials and humans that participate in heritage assemblages. 

The research provides knowledge about the relationship between humans and plastics in museums. The results of my research can also be applied outside of the museums into questions about plastic durability in other cultural contexts. 


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