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Doctoral Candidate, Department of Education
Doctoral Student, Department of Education


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higher education
education policy
sociology of education
entrepreneurship education


Hanna Laalo is a Doctoral candidate at the Department Education. Her research interests are focused on higher education, education policy and sociology of education. She is working on a dissertation on entrepreneurial discourse in university education.


Teaching experience: Kl 2a Multivariable methods (Department of Education, spring 2016, spring 2017) Ka 6 Scientific activity and research-related reading skills in education science (Department of Education, autumn 2016) ELE1 Finnish society and education system in Finland (a lecture on the Finnish higher education system, Department of Education, autumn 2016) Bachelor’s theses supervision (Department of Education, spring semester 2015) YR6 Corporate entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurial mindset (TSE, autumn semester 2014) To enterprise life! Business and project work (TSE, academic year 2013-2014)


Applying theorizations of governmentality, the ongoing dissertation project investigates how the entrepreneurial subjectivity of university students is constructed, normalized and negotiated in the discourses and practices of entrepreneurship education. The dissertation aims to open critical insights into university-level entrepreneurship education by challenging the self-evident ideals and ‘truths’ that it draws on. It aims to increase understanding of the consequences of promoting entrepreneurship education in universities for subjects’ self-understanding and for the societal purpose of university education.


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Johdanto (2019)

Hanna Nori, Hanna Laalo, Risto Rinne
(E1 Yleistajuinen artikkeli, sanomalehtiartikkeli)