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Academy Research Fellow, INVEST Research Flagship Centre


+358 29 450 4190
+358 40 720 9352

Areas of expertise

Social stratification
Intergenerational transmissions
Sex roles and norms
Evolutionary social science
Quantitative methods


Hannu Lehti is a senior researcher in the social research department. He works at the INVEST Flagship Center funded by the Academy of Finland. His research interest focuses on intergenerational social mobility, life course disadvantages, education, social stratification, and the evolutionary social science approach. In his doctoral thesis called the role of kin in educational and status attainment, he studied the intergenerational effects of parental and extended family members on socioeconomic attainment by applying the evolutionary social science approach. His studies have been published for example in European Sociological Review, Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Research on Finnish Society, and Journal of Biosocial Science.


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