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Doctoral Researcher, Food Sciences
Doctoral Researcher, Department of Life Technologies
MSc. (Nutrition)

Areas of expertise

Clinical Nutrition
Food Science


I obtained my MSc. in the Science of Nutrition from the University of Eastern Finland in 2019 together with the license of registered dietitian. During 2019-2020 I worked as a research assistant and project researcher in the Food Research Group at the University of Eastern Finland. Since 2020, I have pursued a PhD degree in Food Chemistry at the University of Turku.


My research interest is in human health with an emphasis on the nutritional factors, gut microbiota and their interaction. The main methods I apply include metabolomics approaches utilizing both untargeted LC-MS/MS and targeted GC-MS. My PhD work, which is part of the ERA-NET NEURON 2019 funded multinational project “Gut2Behave”, focuses on discovering the role of metabolites in the gut-brain axis communication and the potential modulatory effect of nutrition. In practice this involves metabolic profiling of various clinical samples, identification of the key metabolites separating groups from each other and understanding the properties of these metabolites in biological context. 


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