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Professor, Nursing Science
Professor, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN, FEANS, MAE, Nurse director, Turku University Hospital


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Areas of expertise

Nursing and health care ethics
clinical nursing
nursing and health care education


I am a registered nurse, with specialization in surgical-intensive nursing, in my basic education. I am master in educational sciences (MEd), and PhD in health sciences (nursing science).  Since 1998, I have been a full professor in nursing science and since 2002, I am the Head of the Department of Nursing Science in the Faculty of Medicine. I also have many other scientific duties, both in my university, nationally and internationally.

Since 2002, I have had a subsidiary position of Nurse Director at the Turku University Hospital (Hospital District of Southwest Finland).  This position allows me a close connection with nurses in practice and I belong to many groups developing research activities in University Hospital.

PhD-education is an important part of my work:  I am the Head of the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science (DPNurs) in our University, and I participate in the national doctoral network in nursing science, including collaboration between all five universities in Finland responsible for PhD-education in nursing science.  Since many years, I have participated in the PhD-teaching of European Academy of Nursing Science EANS. We also have PhD summer schools in Baltic Sea Region Network in Personalized Health Care and more globally (ICoNS), which I am contributing.

I am a visiting professor (2016-2018) in the University of Dublin, Trinity College and have many international expertise duties. I am honorary doctor in the University of Klaipeda, Lithuania.


I am teaching both on masters and PhD-level in my university.  On masters level, I am responsible for the teaching of philosophy of nursing and health care. On the PhD-level, I am teaching philosophy of science, different ethical courses, as well as courses in nursing education and research methods.

I have supervised about 60 graduated PhDs and currently I have several  PhD-students under my supervision, mostly in collaboration with scientists from other disciplines.


My research fields are concentrated in following topics, I have published more than 400 scientific publications, have international and multidisciplinary collaboration and have been involved in many EU-funded consortiums:

• Value basis and ethics in health care and nursing. In this field, I have a special interest in clinical empirical ethics, including ethics of administration and health care organisations.  I have collaboration with professor Riitta Suhonen in the area of individualized care and currently I am a member of COST RANCARE network, coordinated by Dr Evridiki Papastavrou, Cyprus University of Technology.

• Empowering patient education. In this field, I have special interest in clinical fields, like orthopedic nursing and care of cancer patients. I have developed and used in collaboration with the research team instruments and programmes for patient education, also in international collaboration. In this, I have collaboration with professor Sanna Salanterä.

• Competence of nurses and nursing students. In this field, I have a special interest in the evaluation and measurement of competence, and I have been involved in the development of competence instruments in collaboration with other researchers. I have collaboration with docent Riitta Meretoja in the development and use of Nurse Competence Scale.

• Outcomes of nursing and health care education. In this field, I have special interest in evaluation of learning outcomes of nursing and health care education, as well as work of teachers. I have collaboration with docent Mikko Saarikoski in the development and of Clinical Learning Environment Scale (CLES).

• Currently, based on funding from the Academy of Finland, I am a PI in a new international research project in the competence of nurses (PROCOMPnurse). I am also collaborating in the Erasmus+ program Nurse Leadership, for developing PhD and post doc education (PI Professor Thora Halfsteindottir, University of Iceland). 


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Emotions of Orthopaedic Arthroplasty Patients A European Survey (2020)

Orthopaedic Nursing
Zabalegui Adelaida, Cabrera Esther, Cano Sara, Copanitsanou Panagiota, Fatkulina Natalja, Katajisto Jouko, Papastavrou Evridiki, Sigurdardottir Arun K., Valkeapää Kirsi, Leino-Kilpi Helena
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