Docent, Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology
University Lecturer, Philosophy
Docent of philosophical ethics, Doctor of Social Sciences, Philosophy University Lecturer, Researcher at CLIMATE NUDGE STN


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+358 50 308 2663
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Areas of expertise

Applied ethics
environmental philosophy


I am working as a University Lecturer at the Philosophy Unit. I am also working as a researcher and ethics WP leader at the CLIMATE NUDGE STN: Nudging for climate: Using behavioural sciences for steering communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fortify carbon sinks.

I started my academic career at the Philosophy Unit at year 2000 and have since then worked in various different research and teaching positions. I earned my doctoral degree at 2005 and became a docent at 2010. I have also a masters degree in educational science (teacher education) from 1995.


I teach a course called "Ethics of Academic Research" to doctoral students from all faculties of the University of Turku. I addition I am teaching research ethics to candidate students of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In the Philosophy Unit I have been teching courses on ethics, applied ethics, social and political philosophy, environmental ethics as well as an introductory course to philosophy.


My research interests include applied ethics and environmental philosophy. More specifically I am working on ethics of food and ethics of climate nudging. I also have a great interest in research ethics. I am a research integrity adviser and member of research ethics committee at the University of Turku.


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