University Lecturer, Philosophy
Docent of philosophical ethics, Doctor of Social Sciences, Master of Educational Science


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Areas of expertise

Applied ethics
environmental philosophy


I am working as a University Teacher at the Philosophy Unit of the University of Turku since the beginning of 2018. I started my academic career at the Philosophy Unit at year 2000 and have since then worked in various different research and teaching positions including a three year project on food ethics at Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) and three different projects funded by the Academy of Finland. I earned my doctoral degree at 2005 and became a docent at 2010. I have also a masters degree in educational science (techer education) from 1995.


I have for few years been teaching a course called "Ethics of Academic Research" to doctoral students from all faculties of the University of Turku. I addition I am teaching research ethics to candidate students of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In the Philosophy Unit I have been teching courses on ethics, applied ethics, social and political philosophy as well as an introductory course to philosophy. I have been supervising some graduate theses and I am currently supervising five doctoral theses.


My research is on applied ethics and environmental philosophy. Currently I am working on food ethics and philosophy of food. The project concerns terms people tend to associate with good food (regardless of what kind of food they consider good). The aim is to find out what kind of meanings can terms such as 'natural', 'authentic', 'pure' and 'healthy' have in food context and on what condtion (if any) can these terms offer good justifications for our food choices. I have also been working on ethics of new biotechnologies, especially on genetic modification and de-extinction. I also have a great interest in research ethics and aim in future do more research on it.


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