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Doctoral Researcher, Laws


Areas of expertise

Criminal Law
Human Trafficking
Recorded Interviews


Master of Laws Jani Hannonen is a Doctoral Researcher specialised in criminal law and human trafficking. Hannonen has experience in combining legal dogmatic research and interviews of professionals due to his participation in a research project on the Non-Punishment Principle of Victims of Human Trafficking funded by the Ministry of Justice. Hannonen has previously worked with human trafficking, violence against women and doxing during his internships at the Ministry of Justice and the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI).


Jani Hannonen is currently writing an article-based PhD thesis on the Principle of Non-Punishment of Victims of Human Trafficking (ihmiskaupan uhrien rankaisemattomuusperiaate). According to the Principle of Non-Punishment, victims of human trafficking that are compelled to commit offences as a part of the exploitation should not be punished for these offences.

Furthermore, Hannonen has conducted research on using interviews recorded in the pre-trial investigation as evidence.


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