Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Finance
D.Sc (Econ. and Business Adm.), M.Sc (Statistics)


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Areas of expertise

Statistical consulting


I’m a senior lecturer of statistics in TSE since 2002. I published my doctoral dissertation in 2003 on business risks of small and medium-sized enterprises. In my Master’s thesis (Statistics, 2009) I described different interpretations of risk concept in different fields of science.


My teaching includes statistical bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in TSE. Courses focus for example on survey analysis, quality analysis and statistical software (SAS and R). Courses are given in Finnish or English and some can be included into bachelor's and master's degrees of Information science and supply chain management in TSE.


My work consists mainly of statistical consulting and analysis as a member of research groups. The focus has been mainly on studies of accounting and finance, economic geography and logistics. In addition, statistical analysis of medical and nursing sciences have given me new perspectives to approaches of statistical analysis in economics and business administration.

I’m a member of research project group KATE which produces publications of shopping destination behavior. The project or its predecessors have been on since 1990.

Also, for example the following studies are under work:

“Analysis of the House Price-Income Relationship” with Elias Oikarinen et al. A spatial equilibrium model of the relationship between house prices and personal income is estimated. Using data for the 50 largest U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) modern panel analysis tools are applied.

“From Humboldtian to Hybrid Logic: The Effects of Performance Management on Institutional Logics in Academia” with Kallio K-M & Kallio, T. et al.


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