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Research Manager, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)


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Areas of expertise

futures studies
futures guidance
futures education
simulations and games
competence identity
future competences
ESF projects


I graduated from University of Oulu in 2004 with History of Science and Ideas as my major subject. During and after my Master's studies I worked as a planner at the Torus network of science and technology organising online learning modules and seminars. In 2005 I moved to Turku to start working at the Finland Futures Research Centre and the Finland Futures Academy where I was education assistant and manager 2005-09. Since 2009 I've been developing theory and methods of futures guidance:


My current education activities are related to Futures Guidance. I'm teaching the Futures Guidance Course (15 cr) at the University of Turku and Open University.

Futures Guidance:

Lectures on futures guidance, future competences, future of work


Current activities

Futures Guidance:

OSATA - Paths to the future:

OSATA project produces understanding of the development of skill-related identities needed in the changing work life. Together with students and staff in vocational institutions around Finland we're developing future-oriented tools and pedagogical models to support the students in becoming future professionals. 

Previous projects include

Sustainability education in South Africa and Scandinavia (SISUEDU 2015-16) 

Uutta tulevaisuutta luomassa - UTUA: (2015-17) / Creating futures

Nuorten tulevaisuuskuvat 2067 (2015-16) / Futures images of youth 2067

Digitaalinen pelaaminen työhyvinvoinnin edistämisessä (2015) /Digital games and well-being at work

Työn monet mahdollisuudet: (2016) / Plenty of possibilities at work

KOUKKU -tulevaisuustyökalut: (2010-14) / Educational choices (of young people)

Work life simulation Get a Life: (2009-14)


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