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Associate Professor, Physiology and Genetics
PhD, Adjunct Prof., Junior Group Leader


+358 29 450 4211
+358 50 431 8246
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Areas of expertise

Fish physiology
cardiovascular physiology
exercise physiology


I did my PhD in University of Oulu about exercise physiology of fishes and how training could be used to improve the stocking success of salmonids in wild. After my PhD I did my post-doc period (2.5 years) in University of British Columbia, Canada about cardiovascular physiology of fishes and how they can respond to climate change. These studies continued in University of Turku first as a post-doc and currently I am a Junior Group Leader in Animal Physiology, Department of Biology.


I am teaching in Animal Physiology in courses: FYGE 2101 Basic laboratory technics in Animal Physiology and FYGE4051 Advanced laboratory course in Animal Physiology 


The research in my group is focusing mostly on cardiovascular functions and metabolic rate of fishes and other aquatic animals from molecular to functional level. We are studying how animals can respond to different environmental challenges including climate change, hypoxia, toxins and their interactions. These challenges are especially important in Baltic Sea area where most of our research is done. We are, however, also interested about cardiovascular functions of mammals and how they can respond to challenges like diabetes, cancer and ageing.


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