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Senior Researcher, Laws
PhD, MSc. (Crim), MSc. (Admin)


+358 29 450 4974
+358 50 529 9276

Areas of expertise

civil society
criminal policy
legislative studies
penal policy
qualitative research


I'm currently working with two research projects, PENVOL (funded by Nordic Research Council of Criminology and the Finnish Cultural Foundation Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund) and SILE (funded by the Strategic Research Council within Finnish Academy). PENVOL examines cooperation between Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency and third sector organizations and SILE explores the participation of so called silent agents in law-drafting, the ways to develop participation of silent agents in law-drafting and the effects of legislation on silent agents. SILE is a consortium formed by University of Helsinki, University of Turku, University of Lapland, Finnish institute for health and welfare and Frisky & Anjoy. In SILE-project I research law-drafting concerning prisoners, the ways to improve participation of prisoners in law-drafting and the effects of legislation on prisoners' lives.

Read more about PENVOL at: and SILE at:


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