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Professor, Department of Teacher Education (Turku)
Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy & Leader of the UTUPEDA Centre
University pedagogy: development of teachers' pedagogical expertise and students' thinking skills.


Areas of expertise

University pedagogy
learning and teaching in different higher education environments
development of scientific and methodological thinking
belief systems in learning
educational theory.


Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy at the Tampere University 2019-2020. Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki since 2009. PhD 2005 and Master of Education 1997, University of Turku. Researcher posts during 1996-2018 at the Universities of Turku, Helsinki, Jyväskylä and California at Berkeley. Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of University Pedagogy in 2015-2017. Editorial board member of the Educational Research Review. Leader of the UNIPS digital learning solution project 2017-2019.


Wide experience on university level curriculum planning, organizing education and educational programs, and teaching in traditional and digital environments.


Main research areas: 1) Teachers' development of pedagogical expertise in traditional and digital environments, 2) Students' development of scientific thinking and research skills in university education, 3) Conceptions, beliefs and attitudes on knowledge, learning and teaching, 4) Theoretical questions of education, e.g. the concept of learning outcomes.


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