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Professor, Functional Foods Forum (FFF)
Senses and Food, Flavoria multidisciplinary research platform


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Areas of expertise

sensory perception, multisensory perception
senses and food
taste, flavour, individual differences in perception
food choices and eating behaviour
sensory based food education, bioeconomy, suistainability and food


I am professor in sensory perception in the Faculty of Medicine. I have PhD in food chemistry and adjunct professorship in flavor chemistry and perception. I am also full professor in sensory food science at University of Helsinki (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and department of food and nutrition). I am affiliated scientist at Monell Chemical Senses Center (USA) and used to work there as a postdoctoral fellow at Breslin lab. I am member of research faculty of Medicine. Sandell lab is also called as Senses and Food research team in Finland. I have conducted research as Academy postdoctoral fellow and Academy research fellow. Currenty I am principal investigator in several projects granted by Academy of Finland and Business Finland. The Polak Young Investigator Award and Academy of Finland award for Social impact. I have a certificated qualification in University teaching pedagogy (60 cr) and in Academic leadership program. I have been a president of Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology. I am a chairman of Food Culture Society in South-West of Finland. I am also active member of E3S (European Sensory Science Society) and specifically in both children and taste sensitivity groups. Currently I am very fascinated by individual differences in multisensory perception connected to eating behavior and experiences as well as sensory-based food education for children and adults. 

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Twitter: @Sensorymari


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More Than Smell - COVID-19 Is Associated With Severe Impairment of Smell,Taste, and Chemesthesis (2020)

Chemical Senses
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