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Adjunct Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine
Specialist, Psychiatry
Adjunct Professor, Clinical Lecturer, Chief Physician
Adolescent psychiatry

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I completed my medical degree at the University of Turku in 2007. Since 2008 I have lived and worked in Pori and Satakunta Hospital District. I am a specialist in adolescent psychiatry. I got my PhD in 2011, and I have been an adjunct professor (Docent) in adolescent psychiatry since 2015. I have worked as a chief physician since 2014 and from 2016 in my current position as a chief physician at the Unit of Adolescent Psychiatry. As a clinical lecturer I have worked since 2013. I have tried to develop a broad expertise regarding adolescents and adolescent psychiatry. I have a special competence both in adolescent health and medical education, and have a Diploma in multidisciplinary leadership and management in social and health care. I am also a trained psychotherapist. The last few years I have been actively involved in developing adolescent mental health services in one of the Government’s key projects, that is, the Programme to address reform in child and family services (


I do most part of my teaching locally at the Satakunta Hospital District, where I’m responsible for the specialist training in adolescent psychiatry and the practical training periods for the undergraduate students. I also teach postgraduates in specialist training in psychiatry. I’m very interested in medical education and have actively developed the teaching in Satakunta. Over the last few years, I have developed, in particular, competence-based teaching. I have been the responsible teacher for the Summer School of Psychiatry ( since it started in 2013. In 2017, it was awarded as the Workplace of the year by The Finnish Medical Students’ Association and The Finnish Medical Association. I also have scientific publications on medical education and act as a mentor for the undergraduate students.


During my research career, my main aim has been to better understand the complex links between emotions and mental and physical well-being, especially in adolescents. My academic dissertation involved the association between alexithymia, that is, a personality feature associated with a lacking insight of one’s emotional life, with mental well-being among adolescents. I have two research groups, one of which operates in the FinnBrain project ( and another one in the Unit of Adolescent Psychiatry at the Satakunta Hospital District. In the FinnBrain Alexithymia work package, our aim is to explore the development and associations of alexithymia in family context. In my other research group, we investigate the relationship between emotions and early maladaptive schemas with the treatment and outcomes of both mental health disorders and somatic illnesses in clinical adolescent samples. Satakunta Hospital District also collaborates with the research projects under the VAMI research program conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Turku. We currently perform recruiting for the multinational SUPER research project ( I also collaborate with other research projects, such as Health 2000/2011, LASERI, and PIPARI. Currently, I’m supervising six academic dissertations.


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