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Adjunct Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine
Clinical Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine
M.D., Ph.D., neurologist
My research team is part of the Turku Centre for Lifespan Research at the University of Turku.


Areas of expertise

Mitochondrial disease
movement disorders
clinical neurology


Adjunct professor (docent) of neurology at the University of Turku since 2014. Post doc (Sigrid Jusélius Fellowship) at Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, in 2014-2015. Ph.D. (neurology) 2012. Medical specialist (neurology) 2009. M.D. 2002. Medical education and specialist training at the University of Turku, Finland. Erasmus Fellowship studies at the Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, in 2001.


Interest in Medical Education. Experience as a clinical teacher (neurology) since 2015. Special competence in Medical Education (Finnish Medical Association). Medical education studies at the University of Turku, Karolinska Institute (Sweden), ACGME (USA). Current assignment as a national coordinator of postgraduate medical education development in Finland.


Our research interests are focussed on the clinical, genetic, and epidemiological aspects of human mitochondrial disease. We are also involved in movement disorder neurology research, particularly in the context of inherited neurological disease (e.g. monogenic Parkinson's disease). Part of the MJFF Global Genetic Parkinson's Disease Study Group; part of DystoniaNet Europe. Collaboration with researchers at University of Oulu (FIN), University of Helsinki (FIN), Newcastle University (UK), University of Groningen (NED), University of Lübeck (GER).


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Pathogenic Variants in MT-ATP6: A United Kingdom-Based Mitochondrial Disease Cohort Study (2019)

Annals of Neurology
Yi Shiau Ng, Mika H. Martikainen, Gráinne S. Gorman, Alasdair Blain, Enrico Bugiardini, Apphia Bunting, Andrew M. Schaefer, Charlotte L. Alston, Emma L. Blakely, Sunil Sharma, Imelda Hughes, Albert Lim, Christian de Goede, Meriel McEntagart, Stefan Spinty, Iain Horrocks, Mark Roberts, Cathy E. Woodward, Patrick F. Chinnery, Rita Horvath, Victoria Nesbitt, Carl Fratter, Joanna Poulton, Michael G. Hanna, Robert D. S. Pitceathly, Robert W. Taylor, Doug M. Turnbull, Robert McFarland
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