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University Lecturer, Social Policy


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+358 50 407 6219
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Areas of expertise

Mothers' employment and working times
combining work and family life
attitudes towards work, family and gender roles
labour market research
comparative cross-national research
quantitative research


I work as a university lecturer in social policy. I am also the head of Professional Specialisation Programme in Social Insurance. I have been working in social policy unit many years in different teaching positions and as a doctoral candidate in LabourNet doctoral school. I finished my PhD in 2014. In my PhD-thesis “Opportunities, constraints and constrained opportunities. A study on mothers’ working time patterns in 22 European countries” I examined mothers’ working time patterns in 22 European countries.


I teach currently courses that are part of master's degree in social policy. Courses that I teach include employment and family policy, quantitative research methods and master thesis.


My research interests are linked to labour market research. I am interested in mothers' employment and working times as well as combining work and family life. I have also studied attitudes towards work, family and gender roles. Methodologically my research falls into the tradition of comparative cross-national research and quantitative research.


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