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Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
PhD, Professor

Areas of expertise

Cognitive Neuroscience
Psychology of Language
Executive Functions
Morphological Processing


I started as a Professor at University of Turku in August 2020. In addition to the professorship at University of Turku, I currently act as Professor II for University of Oslo.


I teach psycholinguistics and bilingualism and am currently in charge of bachelor’s and master’s thesis seminars. I also supervise BA, MA, and PhD students.


My research focuses on the neurocognitive basis of processing and learning of language, with an emphasis on bilingualism/multilingualism. I am interested in possible neurocognitive and linguistic consequences of bilingualism as well as the relationship between executive functions and language. We are utilizing a range of brain imaging and behavioural experimental techniques, as well as surveys and meta-analytic methods. We are also developing and using digital tools such as mobile applications and games to study the learning of Finnish and other Nordic languages (see, e.g., the NordForsk-funded TEFLON project: https://teflon.aalto.fi/). In these projects, our study participants include, for example, bilingual and multilingual adults and children, learners of Finnish, and persons with aphasia.


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