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University Lecturer, Department of Nursing Science
Docent, Department of Nursing Science
PhD, Docent, University Lecturer, Podiatrist, FEANS, FFPM RCPS(Glasg), jalkaterapeutti (AMK)
Leader of the research area: Function and health - from foot to head


+358 29 450 3147
+358 46 923 7973
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Areas of expertise

Foot health
physical health
functional health
instrument development
ethics in health care
literature reviews


I am Docent, PhD and I work as university lecturer in the Department of Nursing Science in University of Turku.


My teaching areas are research methodology including instrument development, different literature reviews, academic writing and nursing interventions.


My research, Function and health - from foot to head, focus on health from functional perspective. I am interested to evaluate patients’ functional health, quality of care and rehabilitation in different levels of health care, patients' own strategies to care for and promote their own functional health and to evaluate the competence of health care professionals to provide care and rehabilitation. Strong basis for research lies in foot healh research in different ages groups and contexts. My research area belongs to research strategy in the Department of Nursing Science in the Clinical Quality research program.

My PhD study (2013) focused on foot health in older people and I developed the Foot Health Assessment Instrument to be used in clinical nursing care. My post doc study concentrated on occupational health care, namely in foot health in nurses. My current research deals with functional health and rehabilitation in patients with long-term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.


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