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Docent, Faculty of Humanities
Postdoctoral Researcher, History and Archaelogy
University Lecturer, Degree Programme in Digital Culture, Landscape and Cultural Heritage
PhD, Adjunct Professor
Leading projects such as HumBio (Academy of Finland), Porpoise Memories (Weisell) and FaFFe (Kordelin). Chairman of the Wave Riders network. Researcher in various projects and in BIODIFORM consortium.


+358 29 450 3450
+358 50 328 9846
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Areas of expertise

Human-Animal Studies
Human-Plant Studies
Baltic Sea
20th Century
19th Century
18th Century
16th Century
Environmental History
Cultural History
More-than-human history
Oral History
History of Science
History of Zoology
History of Knowledge
Maritime History
Biodiversity loss
Climate Change
Digital Humanities
Big Data
Giant Squid
Sea monsters
History of Animal Farming
Maritime Literature
History of Whaling;


From 2022 to 2024, I will be a University Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Studies. I will be responsible for the Graduate Seminar on the subject and will also teach several courses. I am also responsible for teaching and coordinating museology on the Pori campus.

Altogether, I have taught several lectures from the perspective of more-than-human history, mainly on Human-Animal Studies. I have also organized several popular courses mainly with the above-mentioned theme. For instance, I organized and coordinated a lecture course with multiple lecturers on Animal and Plant Studies within Humanities with my colleague Heta Lähdesmäki in 2015. In 2020, I organized and taught an international lecture course "Sea, Nature and Finnish Culture", which was especially popular among exchange students. In addition to sole lectures and courses, I have led thematic seminar courses for the MA students of Cultural History from 2013 to 2018. During the first years, I led the seminar on Oral History. Since 2015, I have led the "Memory and Narrative" seminar with my colleague Maarit Leskelä-Kärki and later with Karoliina Sjö. In 2021, I taught a seminar on Environmental and Maritime history. 


I am a historian focusing on human-animal and human-plant studies as well as environmental history. I have the title of docent in the field of more-than-human history. I have studied widely the early modern as well as the nineteenth-century and twentieth-century societies and cultures. In my previous studies, I have investigated the shared history of humans and animals, the long-term understanding of the marine environment, and the history of seafaring culture. I am also interested in many other matters concerning the relationship between humans and non-human nature.  In addition to this, I am interested in the methods of digital humanities.

I lead a research project Disappeared, Endangered and Newly Arrived Species: The Human Relationship with the Changing Biodiversity of the Baltic Sea (HumBio). The webpage of the project is The project is funded by the Academy of Finland 2021-2025.

I also lead the Memories of Porpoises: The shared past of humans and porpoises in the Finnish sea area  project. The project is funded by the Weisell Foundation 2022-2023 and the webpage of the project is

In addition to these, I lead Fauna and Flora Fennica (FaFFe) project, funded by the Alred Kordelin Foundation's Major Cultural Projects programme 2023-2025 . The webpage of the project is


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Alkusanat (2023)

Mäki Maija, Latva Otto, Salmi Laura, Saarikoski Jaana, Pihlman Sirkku
(Artikkeli ammatillisessa kokoomateoksessa (D2))

Johdanto (2022)

Kaarlenkaski Taija, Latva Otto
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