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Doctoral Researcher, Literary Studies and Creative Writing
MA, PhD student



I completed my Master of Philosophy degree at the Department of Comparative Literature (the University of Turku) in 2012. Besides my major subject, I have also studied French, Finnish and Finno-Ugric Languages and Educational Sciences. I was given the study right for the PhD studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Turku in the spring 2013. Currently I work in Helsinki, where I hold a position as a Finnish and Literature lecturer.


Although education for sustainable development is a key part of current curriculum reforms, many subjects do not yet have enough environmental pedagogy practices. I study how environmental pedagogy can be put into practice in compulsory basic education and general upper secondary school literature teaching within the subject of Finnish language and literature. My aim is to bring forth an understanding of how non-human, material and linguistically difficult-to-interpret agency can be read within literature teaching. The results can be used in developing environmental pedagogy literature teaching.


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