University Teacher, Software Engineering
MSc (Tech.), B.Soc.Sc.


Areas of expertise

software engineering
software security
proactive software security
software diversification
software resilience
intrusion detection
web browser security
web application security
IoT security
location-based games


Sampsa Rauti is a Doctoral Student and a University Teacher currently working at the University of Turku, Finland. His research interests include software security, privacy and location-based games. He has about 70 international peer-reviewed publications, mostly in the field of software security. His work has been published in outlets such as Information & Software Technology, Computers in Human Behavior, and Journal of Cyber Security Technology. Rauti has over 12 years of teaching experience and has participated in teaching almost 50 course instances at the University of Turku.


Currently, my teaching responsibilities include three courses: Distributed Systems and Cloud Services, Web and Mobile programming and Software Design and Architecture. I act as a responsible teacher and lecturer on these courses, and lead a small team of course assistants.

I have been involved (either as a course assistant or as a responsible teacher) in teaching almost 50 IT course instances at the University of Turku, including the following courses:

- Distributed Systems and Cloud Services (10 times)
- Software Design and Architecture (11 times)
- Web and mobile programming (5 times)
- User interfaces
- Basics of Object-Oriented Programming
- Basics of Algorithms and Programming
- Databases I
- Databases II
- XML Technologies and Applications
- Programming Languages and Paradigms
- Introduction to Game Development Tools


My research focuses on the field of software engineering, more specifically proactive software security and privacy, software architectures and location-based games. My software security research has revolved around software diversification, increasing security with honeypots and other fake entities, intrusion detection, cyber attribution, web application security, IoT security, malicious browser extensions and man-in-the-browser attacks. Software privacy research has concentrated on studying how well applications on web and mobile devices respect GDPR and privacy policies and consequences of potential privacy violations. While my research often focuses on highly technical aspects of software security, I have also carried out many cross-disciplinary studies, for example applying theories of social sciences to software development and mobile games.


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Privacy in Popular Children’s Mobile Applications: A Network Traffic Analysis (2023)

International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics
Carlsson Robin, Rauti Sampsa, Laato Samuli, Heino Timi, Leppänen Ville
(Vertaisarvioitu artikkeli konferenssijulkaisussa (A4))