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Tero Aittokallio received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Turku in 2001, under the supervision of Prof. Mats Gyllenberg. He then did his post-doctoral training in the Systems Biology Lab at the Institut Pasteur (2006-2007), with Dr. Benno Schwikowski, where he focused on network biology applications using high-throughput experimental assays and network analysis tools such as Cytoscape. In 2007, Dr. Aittokallio launched his independent career as a principal investigator in the Turku Biomathematics Research Group, where he received a five-year appointment as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow (2007-2012). Tero Aittokallio joined Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) as EMBL Group Leader in the fall of 2011, and was selected as Professor of Statistics and Applied Mathematics at University of Turku in 2015.


Computational statistics.

Scientific computing.


Aittokallio's research group focuses on developing and applying integrated computational-experimental approaches to tackle biomedical questions, such as how genes function as interaction networks to carry out and regulate cellular processes, how alterations in these networks contribute to complex traits, such as human diseases, and where and how in the disease network one should target to optimally inhibit the disease phenotypes, such as tumor growth.


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Crowdsourced mapping of unexplored target space of kinase inhibitors (2021)

Nature Communications
Cichonska A, Ravikumar B, Allaway RJ, Wan FP, Park S, Isayev O, Li SY, Mason M, Lamb A, Tanoli Z, Jeon M, Kim S, Popova M, Capuzzi S, Zeng JY, Dang K, Koytiger G, Kang J, Wells CI, Willson TM, Oprea TI, Schlessinger A, Drewry DH, Stolovitzky G, Wennerberg K, Guinney J, Aittokallio T
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