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Doctoral Student, Archaeology and Finnish History

Areas of expertise

High societies and sociability
finnish history
urban history
early nineteenth-century
history of students
diaries and journals


At the moment I work as a postgraduate researcher in the Department of Finnish History.


In my doctoral thesis, I study the lives of the high society in Turku, Finland in the early 19th century. I examine how high society was structured, organised, and operated. I’m especially interested in the social lives of the elites and in the different customs and habits of that group. Furthermore, I examine the role of the high society in Turku and discuss the significance of gender, since it is widely known that women’s roles in the function of high society was seminal. I also focus on questions of transnationality: how different European cultural phenomena spread to Finland and how citizens of Turku settled themselves between old Swedish relations and the new Russian regime.


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