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Professor, Laws
Professor, Commercial Law (Faculty of Law)


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Areas of expertise

Intellectual property
competition law
European law
Internet law


Professor Tuomas Mylly is Chair of Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Turku. He is also an Adjunct Professor of European Law at the University of Turku. In addition to his academic career and studies in Finland and abroad, he has functioned as lawyer and legal counsel at a law firm and a major mobile communications corporation in Finland.    


Professor Mylly was previously in charge of a Master's Degree Program in Law and Information Society. Now he is in charge of the Basic Course on Commercial Law, Specialization course on Intellectual Property and other Regulation of Information, as well as Advanced Studies in Platform Economy and the EU's Digital Single Market. He has also occasional teaching duties in foreign universities.


Prof. Mylly's research focuses on global and European intellectual property law, competition law of the digital society, as well as European constitutional law related to the regulation of information. He has led numerous research projects that have covered, e.g., innovation law, reconciliation of value conflicts in European private law and constitutional law of intellectual property. His most recent projects have focused on constitutional issues related to European and global intellectual property law. Prof. Mylly’s research has been published in such journals as Common Market Law Review, The Modern Law Review and Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, as well as in several edited volumes published e.g. by Hart Publishing, Edward Elgar and Springer.    


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Comparative study on blocking, filtering and take-down of illegal internet content (2015)

Juliana Latifi, Alfredo Santos, Ara Ghazaryan, Andreas Fötschl, Rashid Hajili, Stéphanie De Dycker, Mirna Milanovic-Lalic, Jasmina Dzaferovic, Bissera Zankova, Ivana Kunda, Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Josef Skala, Signe Vest, Henrik Westermark, Irene Kull, Tuomas Mylly, Ulla-Maija Mylly, Stéphanie De Dycker, Nata Dzvelishvili, David Kldiashvili, Johanna Fournier, Giorgios Yannopoulos, ákos Kohidi, Ingvi Snaer Einarsson, Martin Sychold, Ilaria Pretelli, Alla Pozdnakova, Johanna Fournier, Julius Zaleskis, Max Braun, Antonio Ghio, Thomas Bugeja, Sarah Cannataci, Antonio Ghio, Thomas Bugeja, Sarah Cannataci, Stéphanie De Dycker, Jelena Surculija Milojevic, A.R. Lodder, K.E. Sandvliet, Henrik Westermark, Xawery Konarsky, Alberto Aronovitz, Olivia Pirtac, Aladar Sebeni, Madalina Diaconu, Marilda Lici, Ekaterina Belokrylova, Jelena Surculija Milojevic, Martin Husovec, Tanja Kersevan Smokvina, Alberto Aronovitz, Bertil Cottier, Elena Mujoska, Yaman Akdeniz, Dariia Opryshko, John Curran
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