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Doctoral Student, Study of Cultures
MA, doctoral student

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European Ethnology
rural seafaring
material culture


I have been a doctoral student in European Ethnology since 2013. I studiet at the University of Turku in 1972-1981, Comparative Literature as my main subject, changed later for European Ethnology. While studying I was already recruited in a tradition project by the SKOP Bank in 1979-1981. For two months' time in the autumn 1981, hired by the City of Oulu, I was to prepare urban ethnological fieldwork which was accomplished the year after by the department of Ethnology. After returning from Oulu, I worked for three months as a research assistant in a project conserning the working and living conditions of industrial workers and funded by the Ministry of Education. I worked at the Turku Provincial Museum as a curator, responsible for the Turku Maritime Museum and Astronomical Collections in 1982-1999 and at the Forum Marinum Foundation as a chief curator of the National Special Museum of Shipping in 1999-2017, when I was retired. 


In my research, I examine the sailors’ subjective interpretations of the self in the light of the written answers to the questionnaire concerning seafarers’ work and working conditions registered by the department of Ethnology in 1963–1964. The key to my research is individual's relationship to his world, to other people, to social events, to the material environment and to nature, and the communication between people. The communication can, for example, be expressed as linguistic or different bodily expressions and thus as the content of meanings. My research focuses on experienced identities and on the ethnological dimensions of time, place and social context, as well as gender because of the research material was principally written by men. 


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The small water craft collections. 2nd Baltic Sea Maritime Museums Seminar : 24th-25th April 2014 at the Forum Marinum in Turku. Ulla Kallberg (ed.) Turku 2015: Forum Marinum Foundation. (2015)

2nd Baltic Sea Maritime Museums Seminar
Jaakko Tikka, Ulla Kallberg, Marianne Lehtimäki, Robert Domżał, Peter Danker-Carstensen, Timo-Tapani Kunttu and Juha Puustinen, Jarmo Saarinen, Marcus Lepola, Vincent Büsch, Fredrik Blomqvist and Eva Berglund-Thörnblom, Andrei Lukoshkov and Roman Prohorov
(Artikkeli ammatillisessa konferenssijulkaisussa (D3))