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An Introductory course on Cultural Memory and Social Change (1 ECTS)

Cultural Memory and Social Change MOOC teaches you the basic knowledge of cultural memory and its social connections. 

The course is open to everyone. You can start studying right away and finish the course at your own phase with no fixed attendance requirements.

The course is organized by the strategic research and education profile Cultural Memory and Social Change of the University of Turku.

Contents of the course

The course is based on videos and texts and on short writing assignments.

The course consists of five units:

  • What Is Cultural Memory? What is Social Change?
  • Approaches to Cultural Memory and Social Change
  • Case studies: Researchers of the University of Turku tell about their research and research methods
  • Why Do Cultural Memory and Social Change Matter Today?
  • Insights into Cultural Memory and Social Change

Learning outcomes

After completing Cultural Memory and Social Change MOOC course, you will

  • recognize concepts of cultural memory
  • understand how cultural memory works
  • know how cultural memory and social change can be studied
  • be able to identify examples of cultural memory and social change

How to take the course?

The materials of the MOOC area of Cultural Memory and Social Change are freely accessible to everyone. You can explore the videos and texts on the DigiCampus learning environment according to your interests. You do not need to register as a student to study the contents of the course. 

You can take the course independently with no time limit and can complete the coursework according to your own schedule. The course is graded pass/fail.  

The course is completely free. You can enroll for MOOC course independently with your Google password or with the HAKA credentials of your university / school.

Certificate and study credit

All students who complete the required course tasks successfully can print a certificate of completion on the DigiCampus platform.  If you wish to get the credit from the MOOC course, you need to contact your own university / department. If you want to get study credits from this course, you may check in advance with your university if they give credits for the MOOC certificate.