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13 Oct | AI Themed Funding Calls in Horizon Europe in 2023-2024

Get ready to find the perfect partners for your next EU funding application! This Thematics TeamUp networking event will highlight the opportunities offered in AI themed EU funding, present the available networking tools and support and glance at the Horizon Europe evaluation process.

Future Technologies and Digital Society thematic collaboration invites everyone interested in AI to a networking event. The event will present the funding possibilities Horizon Europe is providing in 2023-2024, focusing especially on the AI themed open calls, and offers a possibility to network and find partners to a joint funding application. 

The event will be held on Thursday, October 13 from 12 – 14 in Arcanum, Luoma-room (1st floor).

The event will be opened by Jaakko Järvi, the chair of the thematic collaboration Future Technologies and Digital Society. Research funding specialist Hanna Honkanen will present the open AI themed funding calls and the networking tool Crowdhelix. Director of Research Affairs Teija Kekonen will end the presentations by giving a short introduction on the evaluation process of the Horizon Europe applications.

After the presentations, there is plenty of time to network, find partners interested in the same calls and discuss over coffee.

Artifical Intelligence - a crosscutting theme in Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe, the EU's largest research and innovation funding programme for the years 2021-2027, supports technological and societal aspects of AI development and deployment. Horizon Europe is structured to Pillars. Pillar II has pre-defined topic calls for collaborative projects. The Pillar II consist of 6 thematic clusters;


Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society

Civil Security for Society

Digital, Industry & Space

Climate, Energy & Mobility

Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment

Each of the clusters have several Destinations (themes) and under these Destinations are separate calls. The crosscutting nature of AI in Horizon Europe can be seen in the call drafts that are currently available for the years 2023-2024. All of the Pillar II clusters have calls that include AI in the call text. For this event, we will present several call drafts of the Destinations (themes) of the upcoming work programme. The Destinations present all the clusters and all faculties in our university. This event enables you to network with the people that are interested in the same research area than you and together you can start building up a consortium for a specific call in the upcoming work programme for years 2023 and 2024.

Register by Wednesday, October 5.

Join us to hear more about the upcoming funding calls, share ideas and get to know researchers interested in the same topics!

>> Please register by October 5, 2022

Coffee and tea will be served at the event.


Event organizer:

Future technologies and digital society -strategic profile participates in building a sustainable, straightforward and accessible digital society. The top research areas are materials and information technology, artificial intelligence and sustainable energy. The profile’s new initiatives in engineering education strengthen the multidisciplinary collaboration.