Future technologies and digital society

Digitalisation and new technologies and materials change our world every day, challenging the way we think and act. The profile’s scope extends all the way from small components to astronomical phenomena.  Artificial intelligence makes it possible to use different amounts of data more extensively and efficiently. Our new initiatives in engineering education complete the multidisciplinary profile. We also need wider ethical, moral and societal discussions amidst change.


    Research profile projects funded by the Academy of Finland

    Digital futures

    Digital Futures (DF) is research profile project of the University of Turku supported by the Academy of Finland. It aims to build unique potential for leading edge digitalisation research by strengthening innovative research and intensifying collaboration. Digital Futures facilitates the exploration of digitalisation, experimentation with digital resources and collaboration with colleagues. Activities focus on Ideas and New Research, Data, and Teaching.

    Digital Futures brings together actors inside, around and away from the university as participants and partners in multidisciplinary collaboration and research projects.

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    Our latest publications

    Taxonomic signatures of cause-specific mortality risk in human gut microbiome (2021)

    Nature Communications
    Salosensaari, Aaro, Laitinen Ville, Havulinna Aki S., Meric Guillaume, Cheng Susan, Perola Markus, Valsta Liisa, Alfthan Georg, Inouye Michael, Watrous Jeramie D., Long Tao, Salido Rodolfo A., Sanders Karenina, Brennan Caitriona, Humphrey Gregory C., Sanders Jon G., Jain Mohit, Jousilahti Pekka, Salomaa Veikko, Knight Rob, Lahti Leo, Niiranen Teemu
    (A1 Journal article – refereed)