Sustainable Digital Society

What are sustainable digital societies like?

Digital data and digital technologies have fueled the rapid economic growth and social developments over the last decade. Increased access to digital data and to digital tools, systems and solutions do not automatically end up with a digital transformation that improves the quality of life. The digital transformation of society is a multi-dimensional research topic, which seeks to understand how to harness solutions built on digital data, tools and innovations to obtain an economically, environmentally, socially and culturally prosperous and sustainable future.

Our research on sustainable digital society touches, e.g., the following topics and themes:

  • culture and society
  • health and well-being
  • environment and nature
  • Teaching and education
  • economy, sustainable business, green transition
  • laws, governance
  • work, demand of workforce, work life skills
  • digital data and tech skills and literacy, e-learning
  • equality, inclusiveness, digital divide, digital literacy
  • global development, global North - global South
  • Digital innovations
  • transformative change