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12 DEC I Thematics TeamUp – Cultural Memory and Social Change

Welcome to Thematics TeamUp networking event organized by Cultural Memory and Social Change -strategic profile on December 12! You will get to know what strategic profile is all about and to hear about interesting research in this multidisciplinary field.

The event will be held on Monday, December 12 from 14.15–16 at Aistikattila (Flavoria Medisiina D, Kiinamyllynkatu 10).

The event will be opened by Hanna Meretoja, the chair of the strategic profile Cultural Memory and Social Change. After the short presentations by young researchers there will be plenty of time for networking over mulled wine. The venue Aistikattila will offer experiences for all senses – let’s enjoy the afternoon in the coming holiday season atmosphere!


Opening words
Professor Hanna Meretoja, Literary Studies and Creative Writing

Hopeful promises: The ethics and politics of emerging care technologies
Doctoral Researcher Joni Jaakola, Sociology

Narrative agency and creative reading groups
Doctoral Researcher Eevastiina Kinnunen, Literary Studies and Creative Writing

Lifelong learning and the neurotic citizen
Senior Researcher Hanna Laalo, Department of Education

Model minority, virus personified, invisible people – Examining representations of Asian Americans in US news using corpus linguistic tools
Doctoral Researcher Hai Nguyen, English

Feminist politics in neoconservative Russia
Senior Researcher Inna Perheentupa, Sociology

Future imaginaries of regeneration: Inheriting eco-social harm, turning toward prospects for flourishing life
Doctoral Researcher Morgan Shaw, Finland Futures Research Centre


> Please register by December 1, 2022.



Thematics TeamUp is a continuous series of informal networking events for researchers and collaborators interested in the different topics. The networking events are hosted by the six thematic collaborations of the University of Turku.

Event organizer

Cultural memory and social change supports extensive, critical and multidisciplinary research on cultural memory and its social connections. Cultural memory refers to the collective practices that societies use to build and uphold their relationship to the past, living in the present, and preparing for the future. Memory lives in the present and defines how we understand ourselves and our place in the world as well as how we imagine and shape the future.