Support for doctoral researchers fleeing from Ukraine

The University of Turku (UTU) wants to support young researchers who have fled to Finland from Ukraine. The Finnish National Agency for Education has opened an "EDUFI Fellowship for doctoral students from Ukraine" call for applications. The EDUFI fellowship is intended for doctoral students currently fleeing the war in Ukraine. The programme is part of a wider national level action plan launched to support Ukrainian higher education students and researchers.

On this page you will found about how to apply for the scholarship.

The University of Turku applies for the grant together with the scholarship candidate. The scholarship is granted for 12 months. Although there is a rolling deadline for applications, it should be noted that the applications will be processed in order of arrival and scholarships are provided for an estimated 20 doctoral students in Finland. The processing time is approximately two weeks.

How to apply for the grant? Please send an email to and attach one document with the following information:

  • your personal information
  • the name of your current University
  • your CV
  • your field of research  
  • a short research plan
  • the stage of your doctoral thesis
  • the information about your supervisors in Ukraine

The application will be delivered to the Doctoral Programme closest to your field of research where the search for possible supervisors from the University of Turku for your thesis begins. Once the inviting unit, the department and the supervisors are found, UTU will be in contact with the applicant in order to prepare the application together to EDUFI.  

>> Further information and eligibility criteria on EDUFI Fellowship for doctoral students from Ukraine (

The doctoral researchers are first invited here as visiting researchers. The doctoral researchers from Ukraine can continue to complete their degree at the Ukrainian university, apply for a study right for doctoral degree at the University of Turku, or do a doctoral degree at the same time to both universities (Cotutelle).

Cotutelle (joint doctoral supervision) refers to an agreement between the Ukrainian university and UTU. The objective of a cotutelle agreement is that the doctoral researcher receives a degree from both universities but completes only one doctoral dissertation.

>> Further information on Cotutelle (