Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Impact on the University of Turku

This page features updated information on the impact of the war in Ukraine on the activities of the University of Turku.

Updated on 20 March 2023 (Education opportunities)

Together with other universities, the University of Turku has condemned Russia’s military action in Ukraine. The universities have expressed support for Ukraine and particularly the Ukrainian university community The University has expressed its support through the Rectors’ Council of Finnish Universities UNIFI, the European Campus of City-Universities EC2U Alliance, the Coimbra network of European universities, and the European University Association, EUA collaboration.

The attack of Russia in Ukraine affects the research collaboration and student exchange of the University of Turku. The University follows the policies and restrictions of the ministries, authorities, the Rectors’ Council of Finnish Universities UNIFI, and the EU, and informs the community about possible changes related to e.g. research collaboration and student exchange.

Research collaboration

The University of Turku suspends cooperation with Russian universities and other Russian institutions for the time being in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The refraining from cooperation concerns both research collaboration and possible other collaboration between organisations with Russian universities and other Russian institutions such as research institutes. New projects will not be initiated with Russian or Belarusian universities. The University also recommends that researchers or experts from Russian or Belarusian universities or other institutions are not invited as opponents, preliminary examiners, or experts consulted in recruitment or docent application processes.

Finland supports the decision of the European Commission to suspend cooperation within the framework of EU training and research programmes with Russian and Belarusian partners. The European Commission has suspended negotiations on new projects with Russian and Belarusian organisations related to first applications under Horizon Europe as well as payments to Russia and Belarus in ongoing Horizon 2020 projects.

For the time being, business trips from the University to Russia or Belarus are cancelled. Inviting researchers affiliated with Russian or Belarusian institutions as visitors should also be avoided for the time being. In terms of other trips, the University encourages the community to follow the recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Finnish Immigration Service gives advice in matters related to immigration.

Student exchange

Student exchange to Russia or Belarus from the University of Turku is suspended for the time being, and the University does not accept exchange students from these countries. Russian or Belarusian students studying in Turku or students who are completing their exchange studies in Russia or Belarus can continue their studies as normal. Communications with exchange students are managed by the University’s International Mobility unit (

Education opportunities

The University of Turku offers higher education students who have fled to Finland from Ukraine an opportunity to complete free studies from a diverse course selection. Non-degree study rights may be granted for people receiving temporary protection who have a valid study right in a Ukrainian higher education institution.  

The application period to the non-degree studies offered by the faculties is on-going and open until further notice.  Study rights for non-degree studies will be granted mainly from autumn semester 2022 onwards. In addition to non-degree studies, the Ukrainian students may also complete studies at the Open University free of charge.  They can also apply for degree studies through the regular student selection process. The Finland Scholarship programme can be used to support the completion of degree studies. The programme is aimed for applicants who start their studies in the Master's degree programmes of the University of Turku in Finland. The scholarships are granted in connection to the joint application period of the international degree programmes.

On the level of the EU, the prospect of supporting Ukrainian students through the Erasmus+ programme is currently being assessed.

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The Finnish National Agency for Education has opened an "EDUFI Fellowship for doctoral students from Ukraine" call for applications. The EDUFI fellowship is intended for doctoral students currently fleeing the war in Ukraine and the University of Turku applies for the grant together with the scholarship candidate. 

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Support is available

The war affects many members of our community in a very direct way, and the University expresses its full support for them. The University offers diverse support services (intranet page, signing in required) to process this situation.

Finnish universities, together with Scholars at Risk (SAR) Finland and Scholars at Risk network, are investigating the possibilities for hosting Ukrainian students and researchers in the Finnish universities.

The University of Turku donates altogether €35,000 to UNICEF and Finnish Red Cross to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Experts who are available for media inquiries

The University has compiled a list of researchers who are available for media inquiries related to Russia or international crises.