Experts on Russia and International Crises

Here you can find a list of researchers of the University of Turku who are available for media inquiries related to Russia or international crises.

By clicking the link on the researcher’s name, you can access their profile and contact information.

Professor Kari Liuhto
Russian economy, external economic relations of Russia, foreign direct investment in Russia, Russian investment abroad
Languages: English, Finnish

Professor of Practice Anders Blom
Political risks in Russia, relations between Finland and Russia / Soviet Union, domestic policy of Russia / Soviet Union
Languages: English, Finnish

Professor Henri Vogt
Democratic developments in Eastern Europe, Nordic foreign policies, conflicts and globalization
Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, German, French

Professor Louis Clerc
International and diplomatic history, Finnish and Nordic foreign policy, French foreign policy, propaganda, public and cultural diplomacy
Languages: English, French, Finnish

University Lecturer Heino Nyyssönen
East Central and Eastern Europe, politics and history, memory politics, Hungary, rule of law
Languages: English, Finnish

University Teacher Ville Soimetsä
Soviet foreign policy, political and ideological use of history in Russia / Soviet Union
Languages: English, Finnish

Senior Researcher Kirsi Peltonen
Child mental health, psychological trauma, war trauma
Languages: English, Finnish

PhD Reeta E. Kangas
Propaganda, visual propaganda, propaganda art, political cartoons, war propaganda, Soviet Union, Russia
Languages: English, Finnish