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Studies at Åbo Akademi University (for Exchange Students)

Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is a university in Turku that provides higher education mainly in Swedish. They offer a good range of courses in English and as an exchange student of UTU you can carry out up to half of your exchange studies at ÅAU.

How to apply to ÅAU studies

If you'd like to select courses from ÅAU already during the application process to the University of Turku, please add the ÅAU courses to your proposed study plan in SoleMove and to your (Online) Learning Agreement. The courses will be endorsed conditionally and you can then apply to them when you arrive in Turku or just before your exchange starts.

NB1! Business/economics/marketing courses are not available for UTU exchange students at ÅAU. Language courses may be available if a similar course is not available at UTU. Please check the UTU availability first.

NB2! ÅAU courses should not account for more than 50 % of your exchange studies.

How to apply

To be able to study at ÅAU, you will need to apply for a flexible study right using an electronic UTUForms application. This applies also to students who have included ÅAU courses on their proposed study plan in SoleMove.

You fill find instructions and link to the application form on how to apply on the UTU public website (see the section Flexible study right between University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University -> method 2, electronic application) and on the UTU intranet

Your application may have to wait to be processed. If a study right is granted to you for the courses you applied for, ÅAU will send you further instructions by email. In order for you to be accepted, you must fulfill the prerequisites of the courses and there must be available places on the courses.

Please see ÅAU's study guide for available courses.

Course transfer to UTU's register (when the course is completed)

Courses completed at ÅAU are not transferred automatically into UTU Peppi. If you wish to have all your courses on the same transcript, first request your ÅAU transcript from studinfo@abo.fi, the next step is to apply for credit transfer from your home faculty at UTU:

Exchange Students of Åbo Akademi University

If you are an exchange student of Åbo Akademi University, and you want to complete courses at UTU, please apply to courses at UTU with the same UTUForms application. Business/economics/marketing courses are not available for ÅAU exchange students. Language courses may be available if a similar course is not available at ÅAU.

Before applying, please visit the website of Åbo Akademi for exchange students about courses at the University of Turku.