Questions in the application form

When filling in the application form make sure you have all of the required information and scanned documents ready. Before filling in the application form read through the How and when to apply page including the language and document requirements.

The application form will include the following.

General questions

Add application option - Choose max. 6 programmes (of which 3 can be from the University of Turku) to which you want to apply.

Personal information - your name, citizenship, contact information etc.

Your educational background - List here all the degrees you wish to be taken into account in the admission process.

Exemption from tuition fees - If you by citizenship or residence permit are exempt from tuition fees, please state it here.

Questions of the University of Turku

Educational background - Further information on your degrees which is needed for the admission process

Permission to contact your previous educational institution for verification of documents

Scholarship application - if you are not exempt from tuition fees (see above) you can apply here for a scholarship. You will not be asked to attach any additional documents, the scholarship will be awarded based on your previous academic achievements.

Proof of English language skills - you must indicate how you wish to prove your language skills and attach a scan of the certificate.

+ Programme-specific questions

  • include always motivational questions
  • may include questions about e.g. previous work or academic experience, financing your studies or a request for CV
  • Remember to always check the programme's requirements before you apply!

Additional information

Do not attach any additional documents not specified in the requirements of the University and the programmes. They will not be assessed and they will not influence the admission decisions.

If you apply to other universities besides the University of Turku, please note that they may have similar questions or document requests as UTU. You need to anwer them all because each university will make the decisions based on their own requirements and will not have access to the application documentation of other universities.