Electronic Exams

At the University of Turku, students can take an exams electronically.

University of Turku will renew the electronic exam system during 2018-2019

The new electronic exam system is "Exam". Links to Electronic Exam Reservations added to Student's Nettiopsu. If the general exam is available in the Exam system, students can find exam the list of links from Examinations section. Students can reserve a time for the exam in the Electronic Exam Service. The reservations you have made in Electronic Exam Service will not be shown in Nettiopsu.

Electronic Exam Service Support

Service support and maintenance:

Terms and Conditions

When you use the electronic exam service, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In an electronic exam, the users have to comply with the University of Turku Regulation on Studies
  2. The student agrees that the information of the access control system, video surveillance and examination system can be used to confirm the identity of the student: register for video surveillance at the University of Turku  
  3. Register for Electronic Exam System at the University of Turku: Exam-system,  Tenttis-system
  4. The electronic exams comply with the terms of use of the computer services of the University of Turku.