Electronic Exams

Electronic Examination rooms been opened 18 May

Safety distance in shared Exam rooms is taken into account. The student have to wash hands and wipe down with disinfecting hand wipes the keyboard, mouse and all the surfaces they might touch before beginning the exam. If the student is feeling sick, the exam must be postponed. If the student cannot take the reserved exam, the reservation has to be cancelled immediately so that examination time is available for other students.

The front doors of the buildings and e-exam rooms are locked and students can entered only with the student card or print access (these have to be activated earlier).  The front doors of the buildings students can find the phone number, if card access to the front door don´t work (mon-fri 8.00-15.30). Students have to leave the building immediately after taking the exam.

When the numbers of exam computers are halved, some general recommendations can be find from Exam-system guide for teachers, how we can try ensure that the limited capacity will suffice and ensure a fair allocation of capacity between users at spring times. Teachers provide their students with instructions on how the course assessment will be implemented and can students take exam in E-exam- system.

More information: exam@utu.fi


At the University of Turku, students can take an exams electronically. The electronic exam system is "Exam" https://exam.utu.fi. Electronic exams refer to those exams are taken with the Electronic Exam Service, which is supervised with access control and video surveillance.

Educational Development and Counselling Services are responsible for the administration, instructions, help-desk service and guidance of the Electronic Exam Service, and IT Services are responsible for the technical maintenance.

All the examinations at the University are conducted according to the University of Turku Regulation on Studies. In addition to what is laid down in the Regulation, the specific principles and practices of the organisation, surveillance and grading of electronic exams can be found on these pages. Other modes of study involving online teaching and their grading are laid down in the curricula.

Electronic Exam Service Support

If you have questions on the use of the Electronic Examination Service, contact:

Terms and Conditions

When you use the electronic exam service, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In an electronic exam, the users have to comply with the University of Turku Regulation on Studies
  2. The student agrees that the information of the access control system, video surveillance and examination system can be used to confirm the identity of the student: register for video surveillance at the University of Turku  
  3. Register for Electronic Exam System at the University of Turku
  4. The electronic exams comply with the terms of use of the computer services of the University of Turku.