Instructions for Students from Other Institutions

Electronic exams may be to change at short notice due to coronavirus. Follow the University's Instructions on Coronavirus Situation:

Please note e-exam rooms instructions on coronavirus situation.

When taking electronic exams, the University of Turku’s  instructions for the electronic exams must be followed. Using the University of Turku’s Exam service, you agree to the University’s terms and conditions.

Students from other institutions can take exams in Turku TSE e-exam room (Turku School of Economics), Rehtorinpellonkatu 3, Turku. The e-exam room is located on the entrance floor. Exams can be taken Monday- Sunday between 8.00–23.00.

Access rights:

If student take e-exam mon-fri at 8.15-15.30 she/he can call to the phone number in TSE -building main door and the person of info-desk open the door for student. 

In the evenings, at weekend and holidays the e-exam room is accessed with an access card that can be retrieved by the student from Turku TSE e-exam room info desk (Rehtorinpellonkatu 3, on Mon–Fri at 9.00–15.00.  Student must call to the phone number in TSE -building main door and the person of info-desk open the door for student.  When retrieving the access card, an identity card with a photo and e-exam booking information (email) must be presented.  The front doors of the Turku School of Economics can be found the phone number, if card access to the front door don´t work. This service is mon-fri 8.15 -15.30.

After the exam, the access card mmust be returned into the box in the e-exam facilities. The university of Turku has the right to charge 50 eur for non-returned access cards.

Student can also ask authorized person to pick up an access card. Student have to send email from homeuniversity email address to The email must indicate the identity of the authorized person, which will be verified when she/he pick up the key card, students own information (name, username and student number, and confirmation of the e-exam reservation). The authorized person must show passport/identity card, when she/he pick up an access card. Person who pick up an access card will find phone number in TSE-building main door and the person of info-desk open the door.

There is real-time recording electronic surveillance in the facilities.

The workstations are Windows computers with a limited software selection and no free Internet access.  During the exams, the following programs can be used: Word (no proofreading), Excel (incl. Solver), Paint, PowerPoint, Python (not incl. librarys), Dia, Inkscape, RStudio, Note, Notepad++, Qalculate!, PDF reader and a basic calculator. Before reserving an exam, contact the responsible teacher to check that you will not need any other software for the exam.

Registration and reserving the e-exam room computer is carried out in the Exam of that higher education institution whose exam is taken and the same applies to the user account.

Taking electronic exams in the University of Turku’s facilities

The instructions are valid from that moment on when you enter the e-exam room. Please note that you need to be silent during the exam. You cannot bring anything with you in the e-exam room (mobile phone, smartwatch, calculator, papers, materials, food, drinks etc.). Leave your outer garments, bag, and other belongings in the locker outside the e-exam room. The locker functions with a €1 coin. In the e-exam room, you only need the locker key and the student card or other identity card with a photo.

You may not exit the e-exam room during the exam. If you need to exit the e-exam room during the exam, interrupt the exam and, if necessary, contact the responsible teacher.

There is no technical support available during the exams. If your exam is interrupted due to technical or other problems, leave the e-exam room and submit the online form on the interruption of the exam as soon as possible.

If you have questions concerning the University of Turku’s e-exam rooms, send email to:

Logging in to the computers in the e-exam rooms and taking exams:

If the computer screen is blank or the computer is switched off.  Move the mouse or start the computer from the power button on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Choose “Start Exam” (double-click the icon).
  • Wait for the Exam front page to open on the screen. Log in to the exam system using the Haka login > log in using your University’s user account and password.
  • If you choose the wrong computer in the e-exam room, the program tells you the correct computer.

    When logging in to the University of Turku’s Exam for the first time, you need to accept the terms and conditions.

    If your exam reservation has not yet begun and you are on the right computer. Wait until your exam reservation begins. The exam begins automatically.

  • When you have finished the exam, check that you have answered all questions. Submit the exam by choosing Save and submit exam.

  • When you have submitted your exam, choose ”Finish Exam”. This will delete all content concerning your personal information from the computer.

Problem situations during the exams

If the browser crashes or you closed it accidentally. Start Exam again from the shortcut icon to continue taking the exam.

The computer crashes and does not respond to the commands even after a while: Start the computer again from the power button on the right-hand side of the screen (press for a long time). Log in to the computer and start Exam again from the shortcut icon to continue the exam.