Peppi Study System

University of Turku will implement a new study data system in the summer of 2021. The new system, Peppi, will replace the old systems Nettiopsu, Opsu, study plan system (hops), Open University Nettiopsu and Rekka. Students and Staff can use the new system from 2 August 2021 onwards.




The old data systems are no longer in use from 24 June 2021 onwards. Hence, the study register at the UTU will be closed from 24 June to 1 August 2021. However, the curriculum planning section of Peppi, study guide and study scheduling service will be in use during the maintenance break. After the study register will be closed from 24 June onwards, Nettiopsu, study plan system (hops) and Open University Nettiopsu will be used in read-only mode. This read-only mode will continue until the end of May 2022. This means that you can view information in these exiting systems, but no information can be updated.

Below you can see some of the most importat remarks about the exceptional arrangements during summer 2021:

  • Registration with the University is possible in Nettiopsu from 1 June to 23 June and from 2 August 2021 onwards in OILI enrollment and registration service. More detailed information will be provided to students in the registration e-mail in the spring semester 2021.
  • Instructions for new students about te registration with the University will be provided later in utu-website.
  • Nettiopsu, study plan system (hops) and Open University Nettiopsu are in read-only mode from 24 June 2021 to 31 May 2022.
  • Registrations to courses and exams are possible in Nettiopsu until 31 May and from 2 August onwards in Peppi-system. More detailed information about these will be given from the faculty or equivalent unit.
  • During the maintenance break from 24 June to 1 August registration with the University is not possible; registration of credits or graduation is not possible and printing of degree certificates, transcripts of records or such other documents is not possible. There may also be a delay in processing applications. It is possible to graduate during the summer of 2021, but it may take longer than usual until you receive your degree certificate (see your faculty's instructions for graduating during the summer).
  • Maintenance break can affect other systems as well.