Ibtisam Munawar

Ibtisam - Master's student in Global Innovation Management

Meet Ibtisam "Ibi" Munawar, a current Master's degree student at the University of Turku and an UTUambassador 2021-2022!

"Heippa, I am Ibi from Pakistan and I am a master degree (Global Innovation Management) participant. It is my very first year of this program and it is fun learning about different innovation concepts, and their implementation in actual business.

I like to spend my free time doing sports, meeting people, making vlogs, treating myself and my friends with nice food, and now-a-days taking pictures of beautiful Finnish autumn (Ruska).

I am in love with Nordic countries, their nature, their amazing, respectful, and helpful people who are going to make you feel welcome. I am enjoying every day here and falling in love with Finland even more.

I have just started to learn Finnish and it is quite wonderful experience for me, because the sound of Finnish language, long words, and some new alphabets are rising my interest in Finnish language.

You can find me on LinkedIn, and ask anything about Finland, UTU, and studying experience in Finland."

LinkedIn: Ibtisam Munawar