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Studying at Turku School of Economics

Turku School of Economics is among the most popular business schools in Finland, and we top the application statistics every year. Business administration degree studies take place at two campuses, Turku and Pori.

We offer our students high-quality education accompanied with analytical, teamwork and communication skills. Our programs highlight responsibility and ethics as an elementary part of their future expertise. Our graduates are employed in Finland and abroad. 

Turku School of Economics is among the 5% of the business schools worldwide, which have earned the highly valued AACSB Accreditation. We have been accredited since 2019 and are committed to continually improve the quality of education we offer. 

High-ranking. Prominent. Welcoming. Unique.
These are some of the words to describe Turku School of Economics. Year after year, TSE continues to be one of the most eligible and selective business schools in Finland. What is it that makes TSE such an attractive study environment?

TSE is ranked among the top 1% of the world’s 20 000 business schools. The accreditation by the AACSB International is a guarantee of high-quality education. We provide education based on extensive expertise in business administration, economics and future studies. Our undergraduate and graduate degrees are divided into five degree programmes including Accounting and Finance, International Management and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Value Chain Management, Economics and Business Competence. Our international degree programmes have a strong emphasis on future studies, innovation management and IT operations.

Our students find the study environment motivational and inspiring. We apply the process of assurance of learning on all of our study modules to endorse learning. Every student has the possibility to affect the curriculum and teaching, as student feedback is a key factor in further developing our curriculum. Also, student feedback is a central part of our quality system. Our quality system on education has received positive feedback from an international peer review team.


TSE is a well-established and prominent institution, and our alumni find employment with ease. The high rate of employment among our alumni is an undeniable indicator of the high quality and profitability of our tuition. Our vast network of alumni is at your disposal already during your studies, and you may eg. apply for a mentor to help you get started with career planning. It is also possible to include an internship in your degree.

We educate experts to work in executive and developmental positions in business and in the public sector. Our alumni are team-oriented, multilingual experts and analytical thinkers, who apply responsible and foresighted approaches in their everyday work.


The TSE community is friendly, close-knit and open. We are proud of our multicultural line-up, which includes also international degree students and foreign exchange students. The annual intake to our international degree programmes is about 50 new students, whereas each academic year some 150 foreign students come to TSE for a student exchange. Also, our Finnish students are required extensive language studies as a part of their degree, and about 200 of the Finnish students choose to venture on a student exchange each year. This is truly an internationally oriented crew.

It is important to us that our international students are properly taken in and orientated to our practices and customs. All of our international students, both degree students and exchange students, are assigned a student tutor who helps them get started with studies and introduces them to student life. Before your studies begin, you are invited to participate in the international orientation for newbies. The coordinator of your degree programme or exchange programme aids you with study planning. Also, TSE is nicely located at the heart of city, near the beautiful riverside of Turku. All of our teaching is conveniently available in the same premises, although all the services provided by TU are at our students’ disposal.


We are a great place to think ahead. Our slogan springs from the TSE values and priorities, as well as from our focal points in education and research. Foresight and future studies are at the core of our operations, as we host a nationally and internationally unique research unit, Finland Futures Research Centre. One of our international degree programmes focuses on future studies, and all of our degrees contain aspects into foresight and future-orientation. Our other focus areas include responsible business and sustainable development, on which we offer study modules, and we promote innovations and disruptions (eg. Laboratory of Business Disruption Research within TSE).

3000 students, 700 graduates