Registration to the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

The last day for registering to the event was 28 February.

Registration, fees and instructions

Registration to the Conferment Ceremony (registration is closed)

The last day for registering to the event wss 28 February. Please note, that the registration is binding. 



Instructions for the registration

It takes about 5–10 minutes to fill in the registration form. Read the description below on the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees and registering to it so that you have the basic information on the celebration as well as the information you need when filling in the registration form.

Registration is binding.

  • The last day for registering to the event is 28 February 2020. The date by which you have to have completed your doctoral degree and the faculty must have approved it remains the same. The registration to the different side events need to be confirmed by 31 March.

  • Please note that the registration is binding and we do not accept cancellations to the registration of the main event after 28 February 
    and to the registration of the side events after 31 March. If you cancel you registration before these dates, 20 EUR will be charged for processing costs.

  • PARTICIPATING: You do not have to attend to all of the events. You can participate only in the Conferment Ceremony, its rehearsal and the academic procession. You can invite 1–2 guests to the Conferment Ceremony. You can attend the other events either alone or with a companion.

  • REHEARSALS: When participating in the Conferment Ceremony, you also have to participate in the rehearsal. When participating in the Ceremonial Conferment Ball, you can attend one of the two rehearsals. See the rehearsal timetable.

  • PARTICIPATION FEES: (will be announced later) 

  • DOCTORAL HAT AND SWORD: You cannot participate in the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees without a doctoral hat and sword. Both are made by hand so they should be ordered in March at the latest. You can also borrow a hat and a sword. However, make sure that your hat has the emblem that corresponds to your degree and that the sword has the correct emblem as well. More information on ordering the hat and sword can be found here.

  • CEREMONIAL CONFERMENT REGISTER: Before the celebration, the University prints a Ceremonial Conferment Register that includes the personal information of the honorary doctors and the doctors who are conferred as well as the programme of the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees. When registering to the event from the link below, you must also fill in your personal information for the Ceremonial Conferment Register. 

  • PHOTO FOR THE REGISTER: You will be requested for a photo for the register. It is not mandatory that your photo is in the Ceremonial Conferment Register.

  • You can ask for more information by sending email to promootio(at)

  • Please note that all the events will be photographed. The pictures and videos will be shared to a public photoalbum in our mediabank, and the album will be linked to our website. Some photographs will also be published in our news articles and on our social media channels. If you do not want your photograph to be published, please contact

Registration requires collecting and processing personal information. See our Privacy Notices

Participation fees

The main event, the Conferment Ceremony on Friday 29 May:

In case you will register only for the conferment ceremony the registration fee is 50 eur. In case you will register also for the side events (the sword sharpening ceremony or the banquet and the ball, or both) the Conferment Ceremony is free of charge.

The side events:

Thursday 28 May: The sword sharpening ceremony, 50 eur
Friday 29 May: The service and the secular service, free of charge
Friday 29 May: The ceremonial conferment banquet and the ball, 150 eur