Advisory Board of the University of Turku

The Advisory Board of the University of Turku is a collaborative body of the University and its central stakeholders and interest groups and it supports the development of the University’s research activities and education. It also maps out the University’s role and challenges in society.

The chair of the Advisory Board is Mayor of Turku Minna Arve.

Members of the Advisory Board:
Haavisto, Erkki, Farmer
Herrala, Elina, Director (Neste Oil)
Jalonen, Timo, Director of Education Division (City of Turku)
Ketomäki, Liisa, CEO (Turku Music Festival)
Koski, Kari, Mayor (City of Rauma)
Luukkonen, Aino-Maija, Mayor (City of Pori)
Nygrén, Patrik, Mayor (City of Parainen)
Palmunen, Laura, HRD Manager (Valmet Automotive)
Salmela, Heikki, chair of board (Salmela-yhtiöt)
Vainio, Kari, editor-in-chief (Turun Sanomat)
Viitanen, Antti, CEO (Novartis)
Virtanen, Janne, Director for Promotion of Regional Interests (Regional Council of Southwest Finland)

The secretary of the Advisory Board is Communications Director of the University of Turku Anne Paasi.

The term of the Advisory Board appointed by the Rector is 27 Sept 2017–31 July 2020.