Mentorointi kuvitus 92

Mentoring programme for students

The multidisciplinary mentoring programme for students is meant for students who are about to graduate soon, and its aim is to prepare the student for the transition into working life. The 2025 program starts in January and ends in June. The programme is organized both Finnish and in English. Students apply by mid-October of the previous year, after which a mentor matching their professional wishes is found for them between November and December.

The University of Turku's mentoring programme for master's students builds a bridge for students to transition between university studies and working life. For students who have applied and are in usually final stages of their studies, a mentor who meets their wishes is sought, who is typically a university alum or expert who has worked in the working life for at least five years. The programme is organized annually and includes meetings between the mentor and the mentee, joint coaching, and facilitation of the mentoring process, as well as training to support career planning and job hunting. In addition, mentoring is supported by material, such as a mentoring guide, which helps build the mentoring relationship and supports the process. 

Applications for students to the 2025 mentoring programme will open on 16th September 2024 on the University's Intranet Page 

Additional information:

Mentoring Programme in Finnish language: Project Planner Anna Lagerroos

Mentoring Programme in English language: Alumni Coordinator Ameya Foujdar