Brahea Centre

The Brahea Centre of the University of Turku is no longer in operation. 

The University of Turku will take care of the funding and contractual obligations as well as project coordination and partial realisation of all the ongoing projects of the Brahea Centre, even though the actual operation of the Centre has ended. The University of Turku will also continue to be the recipient of the project funding.

The discontinuation of the Brahea Centre is related to the Financial Balancing Programme of the University of Turku which aims to balance the €15 million deficit by 2028. The deficit has been caused by, among other things, a long-term decrease in the University’s core funding which is based on the funding model of the Ministry of Education and Culture. In its meeting on 15 February 2023, the University Board of the University of Turku decided to discontinue the operation of the Centre.

You can contact Head of Development Leena Erälinna ( if you have any questions about the projects.