Faculty of Education strategic operational programme 2022–2025

The Faculty of Education is a pioneer in education and research and an effective societal partner.

The Faculty is a respected community engaged in research and education and a strong influencer in the education and training sector. Our activities are based on impactful research on learning and education and research-based esteemed education.

During the strategy period, we will focus in particular on strengthening co-operation and participation. We will develop the quality of our operations in co-operation with our local, national and international partners.

We will influence the future through research and education. We will anticipate changes in society and challenges in working life. We will build a sustainable future by educating professionals in education and training and by influencing society through research.

Education creates futures.
During the strategy period, we will focus in particular on strengthening co-operation and participation.

The focus areas of the education and research of our Faculty are

Teaching and learning - future competences

Education in a changing society - equality and justice

Teacher education and continuous learning - supporting expertise

Strategic objectives and key measures

RESEARCH | Main objective: Our research creates new and is critical and ethical

Sub-objectives and Measures

The number of high-quality publications is increased

  • Supporting co-operativeresearch practices and operating culture
  • Organisation of research time

The amount of research funding is increased

  • Strengthening international scientific community networks
  • Confirmation of funding application phase support

Strengthening communal research infrastructures

  • Strengthening the identity, profile and international co-operation of research centres
  • Staff integration with research groups
  • Building a database for teacher education

Development of the quality and number of doctoral degrees

  • Developing communal guidance practices in doctoral education
  • Increasing co-operation in the educational offering of doctoral programmes and UTUGS
EDUCATION | Main objective: We build a sustainable future and competence by educating teachers and pedagogical experts

Sub-objectives and Measures

Methods and learning environments support co-operation

  • Expanding the joint planning of teaching, joint teaching and peer learning
  • Developing the support of teachers and instructors in the use and accessibility of new teaching methods

Increased cross-border co-operation in education

  • Strengthening sustainable development in education and open learning
  • Strengthening the role of the teaching of university pedagogy and the network influencer role of the UTUPEDA Centre
  • Limiting the number of minor subjects offered by the faculty
  • Strengthening interdisciplinary study paths and guidance counselling
  • Developing pedagogical studies and options in subject teacher education
  • Strengthening co-operation with higher education institutions

Internationalisation of education will be strengthened

  • Extending studies provided in English
  • Reform of international degree programmes and strengthening co-operation
  • Ensuring the accessibility of study guidance

The foundation for continuous learning is established

  • Creating a positive attitude and orientation towards continuous learning during studies
  • Strengthening co-operation with upper secondary education facilities and building flexible transitions
  • Developing open study units
  • Developing forms of continuous learning, accessibility and communication
SOCIETAL IMPACT AND INTERACTION | Main objective: We are an important pioneer in the education and training sector and a network influencer at the local, national and international level

Sub-objectives and Measures

Working life co-operation is increased

  • The provision of continuous learning by educational experts is expanded
  • Local co-operation in the education sector is strengthened
  • Strategic partnerships are created for the Faculty
  • A position of a Professor of Practice is established

Our role as a social network influencer is strengthened

  • We actively participate in educational policy discussions
  • Research-based development of education
  • The number of societal interaction publications is increased

Our international societal interaction activities are expanded

  • External communication in English is increased
  • International alumni activity is launched
  • Forms of implementation of education export activities and international co-operation in education and training are developed
COMMUNITY | Main objective: We build communality, well-being at work and competence based on mutual appreciation

Sub-objectives and Measures

Sense of community in the Faculty will be strengthened

  • Increasing co-operation across borders
  • Strengthening the faculty's integration and participation in the scientific community
  • Increasing internal communication in English and plain Finnish

Improving personnel competence and well-being at work

  • Strengthening a positive, inclusive and open work atmosphere
  • Focusing on basic tasks
  • Developing personnel orientation and continuous learning
  • Versatile use and competence development of digital environments and systems