Exchange Studies at the Faculty of Education

Courses at the Faculty of Education are primarily intended for students majoring in Educational Sciences. If you are studying to be a subject teacher (majoring e.g. in History, Languages or Natural Sciences), you can email to ask for available places on courses.

The courses taught in English are part of the international Master's Degree Programme in Education and Learning. Therefore you are expected to have at least 2 years of academic studies in Education before your exchange period begins.

School Experience course is open to the exchange students of the Faculty of Education who study to become teachers. The course is very popular, and that is why we have to give priority to the exchange students nominated to the Faculty of Education. If there are places left, exchange students from other Faculties, studying to become subject teachers, may be admitted too.

NB. In some cases the grading is done on a pass-fail -scale and it is not possible to get a numerical grade. The grading scale for each course is explained in the course description. Check the Curriculum 2022-2024.

Register for the courses in the study register system Peppi, at the beginning of the semester.
Before that you must activate your IT user account by visiting one of the IT helpdesks on campus.

Semester dates at the Faculty of Education

  • autumn 2022: 1 Sep - 31 Dec
  • spring 2023: 1 Jan - 31 May