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Studying at the Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education offers variety of possibilities to study educational sciences in Turku. Together, Master´s Degree Programme in Education and Learning and our faculty's other studies offer you a possibility to stay either for a full degree studies or a shorter visit for non-degree exchange studies.

Exchange studies

Further information on qualifying for the Finnish job market

General information

If you have completed a degree outside Finland, you may need a decision on the recognition of your degree to be able to work or study in Finland. In most cases, the relevant employer, school or higher education institution assesses the qualifications and skills provided by your previous degree. If you have qualified outside Finland for a profession which in Finland is subject to specific regulations and you wish to qualify for the profession in Finland, you need a decision on the recognition of your degree from the Finnish National Agency for Education or other relevant authorities.

Finnish National Agency for Education: Recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland

Regulated professions in Finland

Finnish National Agency for Education: Teaching and early childhood education and care

Finnish National Agency for Education: Decisions on eligibility for a profession

Supplementing studies

Supplementing studies, that are completed at a Finnish higher education institution, are generally required in the decisions of Finnish National Agency for Education.

If you receive a decision requiring you to complete supplementing studies, please contact study affairs of the Faculty: opoedu@utu.fi (Turku) or opoedu-rauma@utu.fi (Rauma).

Almira Yausheva
The programme combines Educational Sciences and Teacher Education; your classmates come from different backgrounds giving you the opportunity to gain new perspectives while enjoying your time together.
Almira Yausheva
Education and Learning