Co-operation at Finnish Language

Our subject engages in co-operation both within the scientific community and in the society at large by offering special expertise on different topics in a variety of ways.

The staff at Finnish Language engages in public debates by offering expert opinions in different forums. Finnish Language co-operates with various actors in public institutions and the media. Our partners include:

  • schools in south-west Finland
  • municipalities in the area
  • the media (e.g. the newspaper Turun Sanomat).

In the area of education, co-operation includes acting as:

  • invited speakers outside academia
  • invited lecturers in Finland and abroad
  • partners in joint courses offered by different universities
  • co-teachers in classes organised by the School, Faculty or University.

Our researchers participate in various discussions within the international research community. Our partners in research include:

  • researchers in universities and research institutes in Finland and abroad
  • joint national and international research projects and networks
  • researchers from various fields at the University of Turku.

In doctoral training, we co-operate with several partners including:

  • a national network for doctoral programmes in language studies, Langnet
  • The Estonian Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics co-ordinated by the University of Tartu